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"Disavowal" Is Slacktivism (And Capitulation)

After Thanksgiving dinner, my mother in law pointed out to me how everybody (but one) on their street changed their porch lights to green during Veteran's Day to "support veterans".  I smiled, nodded, and said "that's nice". I knew it wasn't the place to say what I was actually thinking, which is "I'm a veteran. What the hell does a green porchlight do for me? What if I were a homeless veteran? Or suffering from PTSD? And/or suicidal? What the HELL does a street full of green porch lights do to help me?"

I never would have done that, and I"m certain my mother in law won't find my blog.

Slacktivism is doing something utterly pointless, and believing it will actually make some changes in the world or support somebody else, while the only thing it does is make the person doing it feel better. I tried to explain this to my wife on our way out. I've long since made my distaste for those stupid "like and share if you agree" Facebook posts. It does nothing, and even if I do agree, I refuse to click "like" or share them.

About two weeks ago, the "National Policy Institute" held its annual conference in Washington, D.C. They apparently do every year. They're led by a man named Richard Spencer. I know little about him and the NPI, except that Matt Forney attended the last two or three years and wrote about it. I've never met Matt Forney. I've read and reviewed some of his work, and he's sent me blog traffic. I survived his Facebook friend purge, and interacted with him online. I believe Matt and I would get along great and look forward to someday meeting him and having a couple of beers. I consider him a friend and like-minded ally. I greatly respect his work as an author and independent journalist and I have supported him through buying his books and a PayPal donation to cover the primaries and conventions. If you value honest, independent journalism, I recommend you do too, unless you're happy with a media that is nothing more than an arm of a Democratic campaign.

Recently, our God Emporer (yes, that is facetious, but I like it), Donald Trump, met with the New York Times (a disastrous, failing institution) for both an off the record, and on the record meeting.

Of course, the NYT had to bring up the NPI conference, during which some participants, including Spencer,  exchanged "Roman Salutes" and said something like "hail" (a play on the National Socialist German Worker's Party) "Sieg Heil!" NOTE: The National Socialist German Worker's Party did not refer to themselves as Nazi's. That was a western press invention. They were the NSDAP (German translation of the acronym for National Socialist German Worker's Party).

This is apparently the video they were referring to, although there are several breaks in it, so I don't know what was edited out:

Although the NSDAP did use the raised arm as a salute, so did the Romans 1900 years prior. And they were saying "Hail, Trump", not "Seig Heil!"

In any case, I'm sure ANYBODY with an understanding of context or humor would be able to conclude that NOBODY AT THE NPI WAS PLEDGING ALLEGIANCE TO NAZISM. Either the press really is that stupid, or it plays into their hands. It's hard to figure out. After having listened to them long enough, I think they really are that stupid.

So, our God Emporer (can't get enough of that) sat down with the New York Times. (All hail the upcoming "Trumpenreich"!)

And, related to the NPI conference, was this snippet:

UNKNOWN: Mr. President-elect, I wanted to ask you, there was a conference this past weekend in Washington of people who pledged their allegiance to Nazism.
TRUMP: Boy, you are really into this stuff, huh?
PRIEBUS: I think we answered that one right off the bat.
UNKNOWN: Are you going to condemn them?
TRUMP: Of course I did, of course I did.
PRIEBUS: He already did.
UNKNOWN: Are you going to do it right now?
TRUMP: Oh, I see, maybe you weren’t here. Sure. Would you like me to do it here? I’ll do it here. Of course I condemn. I disavow and condemn.
Why are these liberals so obsessed with Nazism? And racism?

The funny thing is, it's only Trump who is asked to disavow. When were either of the Clintons asked to disavow Jeffrey Epstien, owner of a private jet to Pedophile Island? When were either of the Clintons, or even The Obammesiah, asked to disavow the late Senator Robert K. Byrd of West Virgina, a real-life former KKK recruiter? NEVER. It only works one way.

This is the problem with right-wing political movements. The press manages to get a wedge in there to drive them apart.

The first I'd heard about the "Roman Salute" was from Mike Cernovich. Then, apparently, Paul Joseph Watson and Stephan Molenuex also disavowed Richard Spencer. I highly respect all three, but I disagree.

Roosh V was the first I've seen to refuse to "disavow".

What a beautiful piece of propaganda! It immediately starts with a white man shouting “Hail” to the new President of the United States, whom the media viscerally hates, while a small minority of attendees exuberantly throw up the Roman salute. Even if you are a conservative, you have been programmed to feel revulsion at this display of “Nazism” and immediately condemn it because of its racism. Not long after, the media forced Donald Trump’s hand and he did disavow Spencer. One viral video, one mission accomplished. 
Many men I follow did disavow it, starting with Mike Cernovich, who stated that because of what Spencer did at the conference, he was controlled opposition (i.e. an agent of the FBI, Democratic party, or media). Paul Joseph Watson and Stefan Molyneux supported Mike’s decision. First, I must state that I greatly respect Mike as a journalist, narrative “hacker,” and book author. If he is attacked at any point by the establishment, I hope he knows that I have his back. In this case, however, I think he rushed to judgement. In order to separate himself from Spencer and signal against him on Twitter, we allowed the media to put up an easy win on their scoreboard. At the end of the day, the optics of the situation was that those who were previously considered alt right aided the media in forcing Trump’s hand at disavowing an alt right figure. 
Let’s imagine a different scenario. When the viral video came out, instead of attack Spencer, we attacked The Atlantic for taking scenes from the conference out of context. We forced them to reveal the truth of attendees being assaulted by violent liberal thugs. We disseminated the truth of the conference far and wide. And most importantly, we defended the right of attendees to put up whatever salute they want as part of their free speech at a private event, even if we find it abhorrent. If we did all this with the same vigor that we attacked the media when helping Trump get elected, what would the result have been? We would have put them on the defense and possibly prevented Trump’s disavowal and damage to all alternative spheres. At the very least, the media would not have gotten an unequivocal win. 
Instead, we have given up our own ability to do a Roman salute, even as a joke. The media can now tear down anyone who does it and anything similar, because we did not attack them when they used it to distort Spencer’s conference. In other words, we have voluntarily constricted our behavior, all to marginalize Spencer, a man who is on the leading edge of free speech. If Spencer “got away” with these Roman salutes, they wouldn’t be able to attack us for anything. No rape joke, fat joke, or meme would be extreme compared to it. Our free speech would have expanded if we helped Spencer, but that opportunity is lost. We now get to wait for an energized media to attack us, and it most certainly will be for less than a Roman salute. We gave up ground for no gain to ourselves. 
It’s also unfortunate that we are still stuck in the establishment frame of defending ourselves as not being racist. Paul Joseph Watson’s latest video can in fact be summarized as “Democrats are the real racists,” a failed Republican strategy that has not converted even one black man to the party. By attacking Spencer, we are announcing to the world that we are scared of being called a Nazi and racist.
Roosh also points out:
The proper response when the fake news tells you you’re a Nazi is to say “Fuck you.” The proper response to when they call you a racist is “So what?” The proper response when they call you a rapist is to say, “I certainly wouldn’t rape you.” The only way we can take away the power from these terms is to not immediately deny you are one. If a crazy old bag lady approaches you on the subway and loudly says you are a murderer, would you take the time to deny it? No, you would laugh and say, “Get out of my way, you crazy bitch.” This is how we must react when the media confronts us, because if you don’t have a fear of being called a Nazi, racist, or rapist, the power of the media establishment will quickly diminish. 
That doesn’t mean that Spencer did not commit an unforced error. We have to agree that Spencer’s decision to let in the media and frame the conference any way they saw fit was a considerable mistake, but not one I will eternally hold against him. He is not an establishment talking head that has been “groomed” to be good with the media, and his first major interview was less than a month ago. I was a media newbie too. I got shellacked when I went on Dr. Oz and got embarrassed by the Daily Mail when they showed up to my parents house until I finally understood the game and humiliated the media myself in a press conference. I’m sure I will make a mistake in the future, since I am not a media professional who does interviews every month, and I hope my allies don’t disavow me because of it.
Then, Vox Day refused to disavow:

Roosh knows better than anyone what it feels like to be under media assault. I have never seen anyone attacked so viciously in the media, and to make it worse, with so little cause. And he's right to say that we should not disavow anyone under media pressure, because that is nothing more than their usual game of divide-and-conquer. 
Anyhow, it is good to see that Roosh is a man of integrity. It has been fascinating to see him evolve from petty pick-up artist to an increasingly impressive philosopher. 
That being said, I don't believe there is a genuine schism, because the Alt-Lite has never been, and will never be, the Alt-Right proper. It is, rather, a large pool of newly awakened conservatives and liberals who are only beginning to shed the lies of the propaganda in which they have been steeped for their entire lives. Also, it is neither disavowing nor attacking someone to criticize a specific action they have taken. I've been criticized by my social media allies before, and while it wasn't public, it was certainly every bit as direct as most of the criticism that has been directed at Spencer. The criticism was justified, I appreciated the criticism, and most importantly, I learned from it and adapted my behavior according to their advice. 
Perhaps the most impressive thing about the Alt-Lite to Alt-White spectrum has been the ability of the various parties to bury the hatchet and avoid the virulent divisions that the media, and occasionally, some of the followers, would like to see. Everyone is excited about the ascension of the God-Emperor Trump, so it should not be surprising that a few of us managed to go a little overboard, after all, we have had far too political successes to celebrate for most of our lives. But the tide is turning, so it is time to learn how to discipline ourselves and be prepared for the larger-scale challenges to come. 
The forces that have produced the Alt-Right are still at work across the West. They are growing stronger, the stresses on the unity of the international elites are growing, as are the explosive pressures on the popular unity of the various nation-states. What many find unnecessary, impossible, or even unthinkable, will come to be seen as the only possible route forward before long. And when they do, it will fall to those of us who have seen the patterns and trends evolve to do what we can to ensure that there are powerful voices of reason to be heard amidst the madness.
I expect Mike, Paul Joseph, and Stefan to continue to ascend to the top too, but not due to any avoidance of a nonexistent taint of a long-dead German political philosophy, but for the reason that is written on the bottom of this blog every day. The times are changing. The rules are changing. The game is changing. 

I will participate in the refusal to disavow. I don't know Richard Spencer. I know little about him. Apparently,  he coined the term "alt-right', which Vox Day and other clarified.

I have been searching for a "political home" for a while. I grew up as the son of a U.S. Air Force veteran, largely during the Reagan years. Of course, it was almost certain I would be a Republican. I PROUDLY voted for George W. Bush in 2000. I GRUDGINGLY voted for him in 2004. By 2008, I was no longer a Republican. I even emailed the GOP to tell them to subtract 1 from whatever number they used to calculate their support base. (I never actually joined the party). I wrote Ron Paul on the ballot in 2008, and abstained in 2012 because I figured whether Romney or The Obamessiah won, I lost. Plus, I was still registered to vote in the People's Republic of New Jersey, but lived and worked in Virginia, and it just wasn't worth taking a day off to drive all the fucking way up there to vote for either of those communist globalists

As Vox Day and John Red Eagle so well documented in "Cuckservative", most "Conservatives" would rather lose than be labeled a "racist". And that is not good enough. The "liberal" or "mainstream" media is going to call you a racist or neo-nazi as long as you don't fall in line with their Narrative, whatever it happens to be that day. And the proper response is not to back away, but as Roosh says, to respond "Fuck you!" Or as Vox Day said in an interview I'm too lazy to find, "If they call you a racist, you call them a pedophile." Because this fucking media would rather cover up for pedophiles than actually report what is going on in this world.

I grew up in the Air Force. I was born in Spain, on Torrejon Air Force Base. In 1980, we moved to Germany. My dad was stationed at Ramstein Air Base, which was mixed. My entire developing life, all of my friends were from all races: black, Chinese, Korean, or whatever else. I also served in the United States Navy, where again, I served and lived with people from all kinds of backgrounds and races. I have never understood racism, because I grew up and lived in a mixed environment. And I refuse to be called a racist by mother fuckers who live in gated white communities. That includes our current lame duck President, The Obammesiah, or his former pastor,  the "Reverend" Jeremiah White. And all the assholes and Jews who live in the Upper East side of Manhattan and work in the "liberal" media.

I concur with Roosh: Fuck you! The media is so obsessed with racism. As Vox Day so well documented in "SJWs ALWAYS Lie":

2) SJWs ALWAYS double down
3) SJWs ALWAYS project

When the "liberal" media accuses anybody outside of The Narrative of ANYTHING, they are
1) Lying
2) Doubling down


3) Projecting

And considering how the young are rebelling against The Narrative, and how the "liberal" media is so fucking obsessed with comparisons of Trump and Hitler, let's just imagine a young one reading all this crap and coming to this conclusion:

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