Thursday, December 22, 2016

This Is Why I'm Starting To Hate Android

Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge customers:

Samsung may not support your device with the latest Android update.

Android's update model is broken. It's a good, powerful, customizable operating system, but there are way too many hands in the pot in determining whether or not you'll get an update. And even for critical vulnerabilities, the update process takes too long.

I bought a Note 5 in September 2015. Right about that time, Android 6, Marshmallow, came out. Marshmallow FINALLY made it from Google, to Samsung, to AT&T, to me in June of 2016, right in time for Android 7, Nougat, to come out. As best as I can tell, I will never see Nougat on the Note 5.

And Samsung phones are now explosive ordinance.

Whereas iPhones and Windows Phones get OS updates directly from Apple and Microsoft, respectively, Android is too complex and long, and even a fairly new "flagship" phone isn't always likely to get a new OS update.

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