Monday, February 21, 2011

Newsflash: iPad Owners Hate Their iPads

Blogs posts like this make me laugh. Though I am a total computer geek, I don’t have the funding that high-profile blogging computer geeks have. Therefore, I don’t have an iPad (unless you want to get me one for my birthday, Dad). My dad doesn’t read my blog.

I’ve seen similar reports in other tech blogs I follow. If you had the money to drop on an iPad, do you like it?

I’m not sure I’d get one even if I felt like spending the money. The iPad seems really cool, but I can do almost everything it can do with my iPhone 4. Maybe if the iPad had Flash, I’d get excited about it.

For those of you who have followed me, I’m considering jumping to Android for my next phone. That could be a year and a half or so. We’ll see what happens by that point. The iPhone could go through 2 more versions by then.


Javanut said...

I love my iPad. It's great as a reader in bed, or to watch movies on, and you can actually read it as opposed to my iPhone which I squint at. I sleep with mine - kinda big for a iPod but hey it has 16 gigs so all my albums fit :)

Eric S. Mueller said...

Cool. I figure I'd like one. But buying it is out of the question for the time being. I like the capabilities my iPhone 4 gives me.