Monday, March 21, 2011

Dr. John Mark Hicks Habakkuk Study: Imperialism

I’ve been through 3 seminars put on by Dr. John Mark Hicks. The man has earned my respect. He recently posted a study he did of the Prophet Habakkuk on Imperialism.

I rarely cover politics on my blog. Nobody reads it anyway, but I prefer to avoid trolls and flamers. I am by no means a pacifist. I’m a Navy veteran. I’m classified as a combat veteran for what that’s worth. War is a tool of the state that needs to be employed under certain circumstances.

I’m no fan of some of the latest circumstances. I don’t like the concept of a war on an abstract. Like the IT projects I manage, war should have clearly defined objectives. Sure, the scope might change once underway, but still, there should be a set of objectives at which point victory can be declared and everybody can come home, like at the end of WWII and Gulf War I.

I’m a firm believer there is nothing new under the sun. What’s going on today is a repeat of previous history. We’re not the first nation to plunge into imperialism, and we won’t be the last. Check out Dr. John Mark Hicks’ study here.

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