Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Real Dan Lyons: A Month of Microsoft

Dan Lyons (of Fake Steve Jobs fame) is going to give Microsoft another chance. He committed to using only Microsoft products for a solid month. Of course, it helps that Microsoft bought into the idea and sent him a phone and laptop to use.

I can't help feeling jealous. I use Microsoft laptops only because I can never seem to fit a MacBook into my budget when it comes time to replace them. My current laptop was bought for me by my in-laws when I went into real estate two years ago. It's an HP.

I'm not sure if Windows Phone fixed any problems in Windows Mobile, but I am NOT using my own money to find out. I've spent enough money and blood pressure points on Windows Mobile. If Microsoft would like to send me a review unit I'll be happy to evaluate it. Until then, I'll stick to the iOS platform.

I look forward to how Dan Lyons' project turns out.
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