Thursday, June 21, 2012

Microsoft Actually p0wns Apple!

I never thought I'd live to see Apple p0wned by Microsoft, but IF Surface is anything like they say, I think we just witnessed it.

I've had little excitement for Microsoft products since the Vista let down. Sure, Microsoft works hard, but something always screws it up for them.

I have a reason to be hopeful about Surface though:

  • Microsoft made the hardware.
That's always been a weakness of Microsoft's. Sure, they can produce an operating system, but unless it's a mouse or an Xbox, somebody else makes the hardware. That means they also have to write the drivers and produce middleware, then they load it up with crapware.

I'm sure Windows Mobile could have worked if Microsoft didn't leave it up to the OEMs and telcos to screw everything up.

But in the case of Surface, Microsoft made the hardware itself. That means if there's a Blue Screen of Death due to a driver conflict, it's their own fault!

I'm looking forward to it. If Surface is available somewhere in the $400 range, I might try to squeeze another year out of my iPhone 4 rather than replacing it.
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