Thursday, July 26, 2012


My workout continues. I seem to have reached somewhat of a plateau. I push myself hard every day but improvement seems to have flatlined. I keep at it though. I don't feel any different, but my shirt collars are getting loose. I'm afraid the shirt I plan to wear tomorrow might actually be too big.

[Side note: for some reason, on my last job, I developed the habit of wearing a certain blue dress shirt every Friday. I think by coincidence, myself and 3-5 other men all ended up wearing similar blue shirts 2 Fridays in a row. I've been wearing that shirt every Friday since for some unknown reason. Actually, since I had every other Friday off, I wore it on my last workday of the week. So if I took Thursday and Friday off, I'd wear it on Wednesday. I wondered if anybody was going to figure out the pattern.]

I'd much rather run when I get home from work, but the last couple of times it was too hot, pushing my run into the evening. I'd rather run when it's in the 70's or lower, but I can push myself when it's in the low 90's. Anything more than 93, forget it.

 I did 3 miles both times I ran this week (not counting Sunday, which might have been 2.5). I didn't want to, but I had to. Tonight I wanted to give up at 2 miles, but I know damn good and well I can handle 3 miles, so I kept on going.

Also, I have a rule that I can't go to bed until my Fitbit passes 10 miles traveled for the day. The other night, I was up pacing back and forth until almost 11. I couldn't even read anymore. I just kept pacing because I was determined to meet that goal. That's why I elected to run tonight. It's a lot more efficient to rack up miles when I'm running than when I'm pacing back and forth in my rented basement.

My quest to reduce my consumption of wheat is working pretty well. I don't get as hungry, and I don't need to eat as much. The other night, I got home from work and had some reading and blogging I wanted to do. I ate at 7:30 that night more out of habit than anything else. I wasn't exactly hungry. I mostly ate because the lettuce I bought needed to be consumed in a short time frame. My wife also sent me back with an 8 lb tub of potato salad. I don't think it will get finished. I'll probably have to toss more than half of it.
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