Thursday, July 26, 2012

Yahoo! Releases New Browser

Yahoo! released a new browser/extension called Axis. I watched the video, and since it got me interested I downloaded the Chrome extension and the iPhone browser. I'll give it a try.

It's supposed to give you a "new kind of search". That's not what pulled me in. Everybody is a "new kind of search". That kind of line does nothing for me. Bing is supposed to be a "new kind of search". There used to be a grocery store called Bloom, which was advertised to be a "different kind of grocery store". I went in, and didn't see any difference at all between Bloom and the others in this area, like Giant, Wegman's, Harris Teeter, and Food Lion. There was nothing different about it, including the universal militancy in joining their shopper's program. Want to be a "different kind of grocery store"? Then stop asking me for my loyalty card every time I run in to buy a 6 pack or a back of chips. Bloom was so different, they apparently went out of business and all their stores are now Food Lions, which is no different from the days when they were "Bloom".

When I see that something is supposed to be "new" or "different", I roll my eyes. They're guilty of being the same as everybody else unless they prove to me otherwise.

What pulled me in on Axis is the ability to continue reading on another device. This is something I've been wanting for years. Google Chrome is supposed to be able to sync tabs through their service, but I've never seen this work. So if I don't save a tab to Pocket or the Safari reading list, I'm stuck until I get back to the device I opened it on.

My initial review of Axis: it opens a small search bar in the lower left hand corner of your screen. It allows you to bookmark a page or see your "personalized home page". The only complaint I have so far is it keeps refreshing and opening a new tab to my "personalized home page"..

I'll give it a shot and let you now if it really is a "new kind of search".
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