Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Most Read Blog Post I’ve Ever Written

I am, by definition, an amateur blogger. Nobody pays for for this. While I was on TypePad, I actually paid to be able to blog. I’ve love to go back to TypePad. Eventually, I’ll get back.

I’ve written close to 850 blog posts. I can’t tell you how many hundreds I haven’t written, or started writing and never finished. Those 850 or so blog posts were written over more than 6 years. I’ve written in spurts. Last year, when I found myself out of a job, I was posting four to six times per day in an effort to drive traffic and launch some kind of freelance writing career. Then I stopped posting. Sometimes I have a lot to say, and sometimes I have nothing to say. I’ve authored at least 7 blogs. All of them are still up. Four of them are duplicates of each other as I struggle to decide which one will be my main blog.

By far, the most read post I’ve ever written lies here: Sundance Vacations- Is There Really Value in Buying 30 Vacations Wholesale? I wrote that post in April of 2007, almost four years ago. And I still stand by it.
I’ve gotten a lot of comments on this post over the years. I lost most of them. I was using a service called HaloScan for a few years, but it went down and I was unable to recover my comments. Not all were positive. I’ve gotten quite a few comments with ad-hominem attacks and other dishonest debate tactics. I’ve gotten email about this post.

If you’ve been contacted by Sundance Vacations, I welcome you to read about my experience, and the tips I’ve provided to evaluate their offer. Or any other high-pressure sales offer.

UPDATE: I was looking through my drafts, and saw this post set to draft with 12 views. I have no idea why that happened. I'm republishing it.
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