Sunday, October 21, 2012

Google Now?

I've had my iPhone 4 for almost two years now. My AppleCare runs out on it next month, and I'm giving thought to what's next. I don't want to put out the money for an iPhone 5 right now. The 16GB is listed for $199, but by the time I pay tax and buy AppleCare, plus the $35 connector accessory, I'm probably closer to $400 to lose half my storage. But when I look at other phones on the market, I realize I'm probably spoiled with a 32GB phone.

I worried that the "magic" would leave Apple after Steve Jobs died. iOS 6 leaves me wondering if it's time to jump ship to another phone platform. I'm thinking Andriod. I still carry too much disappointment with the old Windows Mobile platform to trust Microsoft with me putting money into another one of their phones. Maybe next time, but I'm going to wait until Windows Phone 8 has been in the wild for a while.

So I'm looking at Andriod. Most people I know love these things. I was watching videos on and came across this concept:.

I had to check to make sure it wasn't an April Fool's joke left over from a previous year. Google is really good at those things, like data centers on the moon and Gmail Paper.

This could be really useful.

As an added bonus, here's a showdown between Jelly Bean's voice assistant and Siri.

A friend told me yesterday that he's probably going to upgrade to the Galaxy S3, and I can have his Atrix. That'll work. I can switch my SIM out and run with that for a while.

While watching reviews of Android phones, one thing I will miss about iPhone is the lack of AT&T branding. I wish other manufacturers would stop putting cell company logos on phones. Who cares? AT&T gets it's money. We have a cell phone oligopoly here in the US. The majority of people are on one of 4 or 5 carriers. Seriously, AT&T, your logo doesn't do anything but make the phone look ugly.
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