Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Last Resort Is Going To Be An Awesome Show!

I finally got around to watching the premier of Last Resort. I'd heard it was good. I wasn't disappointed.

The scenario, which hopefully will NEVER happen, is plausible. An SSBN, the U.S.S. Colorado, receives a nuclear launch order against Pakistan through a secondary channel. They decide to question it after checking the airwaves and discovering Washington D.C. not having been destroyed, and Hannah Montana playing, a condition not likely to happen in the immediate aftermath of the destruction of the capitol in a world of 24 hour news channels desperate for stories.

Their questioning of the order results in the CO (Commanding Officer) being relieved and the XO placed in charge. The XO's response is along the lines of "Sure, we'll be happy to launch 4 nukes, but can you order it through a normal channel since we have established those are good?" A cruise missile appears inbound. The sub dives and is damaged in the explosion. It also crashes into the ocean floor. That's terrifying. They are able to trace the missile to another U.S. submarine. I can assure you, this is not normal business in the U.S. Navy. At least, it didn't happen the 6 years I was in.

The sub surfaces and commandeers a NATO monitoring station on an island and gets into a game of nuclear chicken with Washington.

In the meantime, there's apparent mutiny as the COB (Chief of the Boat) and some other crew members work against the interests of the CO and XO. There are also some SEALs who's purpose I can't discern, but they don't seem very happy with the course of events. There's an island gangster.

So the story is compelling and the characters interesting. Other aspects to consider: the military aspects aren't too bad. Their saluting is a little sloppy, but not middle of the forehead, which drives me freaking nuts. Saluting is not that hard to get right. I caught a minor terminology glitch. In a flashback, the XO's wife wanted him to go AWOL (Absent WithOut Leave). In the Navy, it's considered UA (Unauthorized Absence) until the 30 day mark, then it becomes desertion. But I suppose an officer's wife might not have that distinction down.

I think I'm going to enjoy this show. I'm looking forward to the next one.
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