Sunday, October 07, 2012

MTO Goal Setting- Interesting Idea

I'll just about download any "free" ebook or special report I come across. Not sure why. Digital hoarding? The hope that the "secret" I'm looking for is out there? I just like exposure to lots of ideas? All are probably true. As a result, I get on a lot of email lists.

One list I've been on for years is Learning Strategies. They feature a lot of kooky things and I rarely actually read their email. They have another success fest coming up this week, where they offer the chance to watch videos for a week. After the week is over, they charge. I've never made it more than a day or two into these things before. This week, since I'm killing time until I leave for church, I read their email and clicked on the links to some articles.

One of the videos was really interesting. It talked about a goal setting method called MTO, which stands for Minimum, Target, Outrageous.

Minimum/Target/Outrageous method of goal setting « Learning Strategies Blog

If there has ever been a breakthrough method for goal setting, this is it. MTO – Minimum, Target, Outrageous. We’ve been using that at Learning Strategies for years, and I’d likeRaymond Aaron, who developed the system, to tell you how it works.

This could change things. The speaker says most goals are set in a binary mode. Either you achieve the goal, or you do not achieve the goal. This method breaks the goal up like so:

Minimum- I will write 2 blog posts this week.

Target- I will write 5 blog posts this week.

Outrageous- I will actually earn money through one of my affiliate programs this week from the amount of traffic my writing is bringing in.

Using this method, you set various gates to achievement. Come on, you can at least do the minimum, can't you? Look how easy that is. It would take more effort to fail than it would to just do it. Then there's the target level, which is: if you can do that little, why not squeeze in a little more? It's not that hard since you already have momentum. I guess the outrageous is there to remove the sky as the limit. But at least some progress happens rather than procrastination on a goal that is really hard and discouraging.

I'm going to have to find a way to incorporate this into my own goal setting.

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