Saturday, November 17, 2012

Apparently, James Bond Is A Big Deal

I'm going to be seeing the new Bond movie this afternoon. I'm mostly going for the same reason I would attend a baseball game: it's not the activity that matters to me; it's spending time with a friend.

I got a text from a friend on my way home yesterday asking if I wanted to see a certain movie with him. Sky Fall, I think. I'm not going to look the text up. I said I didn't know what it was but sure. His reply good-naturedly let me know I should have been familiar with it. I haven't kept up with any movie the last several years.

Then later, I mentioned it to my wife. She seemed almost disgusted that I didn't know the name or that it was a Bond film.

I never could get into Bond. I tried to watch Octopussy once, mostly for the name (I was eight. Almost every eight year old boy would watch a movie with that kind of name). After the first scene where he blew something up and flew away in an ultralight, it got boring and I walked away.

I think I also saw Goldfinger. It was probably when I was in the Navy and almost anything on TV was better than nothing on TV. One year while I was at sea on Christmas, I watched the absolute most boring Scott Bakula movie I could imagine, just because I was at sea on Christmas and there was NOTHING else to do.

To me, Bond should be exciting, but because it's British, it seems to waste more time on boring dialogue than on the gadgets. As a married man, I'm not supposed to be paying much attention to the women anyway, but their part of the story seems to exist for little more than eye candy; not for stellar acting or plot.

Anyway, enough rambling. I'm going to see Sky Fall (or whatever it's called) because a friend asked me, and getting together with friends is important to me. 
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