Thursday, November 01, 2012

Captain Capitalism: Seeking Advice from Women

Two subjects I've picked up studying over the past year or so are game and economics. It's scary how closely related they are. There is a collection of blogs referred to as "The Manosphere". The name doesn't resonate with me, but some of the content does. Some blogs on the fringe of it refer to "men's rights", which makes me laugh. It's some kind of response to feminism. If you need to ask a woman for permission to be a man, then you might as well ask her how to be a man, because you'll be lost if she grants you permission.

Having been married for almost 12 years, a lot of this is academic for me. But here's a post I wish I'd had 25 years ago.

 "Game" is quite a deep and interesting subject. Some of the game blogs focus solely on the rapid short term intimate experience (getting laid). Others focus on male-female interaction. Some focus on marriage or long term relationships. It's been a fascinating study.

Captain Capitalism is Aaron Cleary, author of Worthless and Behind the Housing Crash.

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