Saturday, November 03, 2012

Evernote 5 for iOS, Coming Soon

I've been using Evernote since Version 1. Yep, that long. I was a beta tester for Evernote 2, which earned me a free copy of Evernote 2 Pro. That was back in the dark old days of thumb drives. I installed EN2 on a thumb drive and carried it back and forth to work until my database got too big for that tiny 512 MB drive.

Then the company was sold, and Evernote 3 was born with a web centric focus. The look changed, but in most ways it got a lot better. It expanded to every platform imaginable. They also bought Skitch, and slowly began releasing it on the various platforms Evernote users are on. Windows FINALLY got Skitch in the last week.

Remember the dark old days when doing something as simple as cropping a photo required hours of searching for a usable freeware application? Most of them claimed to be freeware, but after installing either insisted you install a toolbar (seriously, what use are those things to a user? With the exception of 1 specialty toolbar, I've never been able to do anything with them that I can't do with the browser or a useful extension.) or demanded payment to be usable  Now, cropping is built into most photo viewers, and with Skitch you can pixelate and mark up a photo quickly and easily.

So now, Evernote 5 is here. It keeps getting better. Wonder when EN5 for Windows will show up?
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