Thursday, January 17, 2013

Book Review: Washington- A Legacy of Leadership by Paul S. Vickery

This is a review that has been in the pipeline since sometime near the end of 2011. I got this book as an electronic download from Thomas Nelson's Booksneeze program. I started reading it, and got sidetracked through 2012.

George Washington is a larger than life figure. He's regarded as the father of our country (although I've heard Ben Franklin was such a womanizer, he literally almost was the father of the country). This book is hardly the last word on the subject, but is a really good, comprehensive overview of the life, exploits, and legacy of George Washington. The author, Paul Vickery, weaves in George Washington's own words in an attempt to let him speak for himself.

Some parts of the book gloss over uneventful or irrelevant parts of Washington's life. Other parts go pretty well in depth. Washington's time and events as Commander in Chief of the Army during the Revolution make up the bulk of the book. The last two chapters are "Presidency" and "Legacy" respectively. Yeah, the book ends that fast.

I've heard somewhere that if you want to win wars, you don't study tactics; you study logistics. Washington seemed to have been a master at both. He took an untrained, underfed army and turned them into professionals. This book goes pretty well into depth with both the tactical and logistical challenges Washington faced, and how he overcame them (Present Generals, take note. Stop worrying so much about how many pretty colors and pins are on your chest and more about how to actually win a war. Seriously, some of you guys look like tin horn dictators.)

I found this to be a good synopsis of one of the greatest leaders we've known.

A side note: if you find yourself fearful from watching too much news or reading too many of your friends' links on Facebook, start reading books like this. Read about men who accomplished great things. It'll lift your spirit and restore your faith.

You can buy Washington here.

I leave you with this (language warning/NSFW):

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