Sunday, February 03, 2013

Government Layers Contradict Each Other

I've considered myself a libertarian for many years. I'm slowly drifting toward being an anarchist.

I've never understood why people feel they need a large government to "feel" secure. Especially when all available evidence shows government is the LEAST EFFICIENT way to do anything. It is large, it is wasteful, it steps on toes, and exists only to perpetuate itself. It does not care about you. It makes you THINK it cares about you so you'll vote, but it truly doesn't care.

For those of you who fall into a category I refer to as "Green-tards", here's a good one. OK, so we should all drive hybrids or something "for the planet" or "for the environment". But wait, there's more!

So you're driving a hybrid, and using less gas and supposedly creating less pollution. BUT... you're no longer paying your fair share of federal gas taxes, so now Virginia (of which I am a resident) wants to make up for it by charging you $100 a year for driving a hybrid. You know, because while you're all busy "saving the planet" you're not paying your fair share of gas tax.

I have decided I will not listen to a single argument by a greenie weenie or greentard who does not support the maximum telework possible for people in jobs in which telework can be done. Like every job I've had since I left Lockheed Martin in 2004.

But then, if I were able to telework (and as such not have to pollute) I wouldn't be paying my "fair share" of gas taxes either. You know, because government is entitled to it or something. To pay for the large and inefficient programs that make the rest of you "feel" secure or "feel" like they "care" about you, or about something you "care" about.

So now, on the one hand, government wants you to not pollute and use more gas, but at the same time, government wants you to continue paying the gas taxes it has come to depend on.

How does this make any sense to anybody?
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