Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I'm Humbled

I normally blog when I feel like I have something to say. Or when I've been drinking enough to not care what I say.

I rarely check my stats, but when I do, I'm blown away.

Obviously, I'm an American. I've been to plenty of places. I was actually born in Spain (Torejon Air Base near Madrid). I've lived in Germany, and in several locations around the United States. I lived in Germany for 5 years. I was stationed in Guam for a year. Been to Hong Kong, Singapore, Bali, UAE, Thailand, and Vancouver/Victoria Canada. I've been all over western Europe with the exception of the United Kingdom (my parents left me with a 16 year old girl babysitter when I was too young to appreciate it for that trip). I've been to the Scandinavian countries of Denmark and Norway (I was 100 km south of the Arctic Circle.)

So when I look at my blog stats, and see a large readership in places like Russia, China, Ukraine, Australia, the UK, Western Europe, and of all places, Romania, I'm touched.

My mom took a trip to Russia (Soviet Union) in 1984. I was 10, and freaking pissed off that she didn't take me. I seriously wanted to go to Russia. I love Russian history.

So unlike some Americans, I have been to other places in the world. And I am honored that members of other parts of the world stop by this blog, and maybe even read a post or two. I don't think I'm done travelling, and maybe someday we can meet and have a beer.
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