Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Resurrection Day

I tend to keep my faith minimized on this blog. I don't hide it, but it's normally not my prime focus. But I guess this is the kind of day I'm permitted a little liberty to discuss it.

For an Easter (also my 39th birthday), it's sure been challenging. I'm of course facing some personal challenges. I'll share the largest when it works out for better or for worse. I work 180 miles away from my family, and this year I'm getting home about every 3 weeks.

I took a few days leave last week to get the yard ready for spring. That included some hard physical labor. I got up early because I wanted to get back to Virginia before the rain was foretasted to start. I guess because I was working hard the last few days, and didn't sleep well the last few nights, and got up early today, I locked my keys in my car at a rest stop.

I had no clue what to do about it. I wanted to panic, until I realized that technology makes life easy. I used my insurance company's app on my iPhone to see if they had roadside assistance. I submitted a ticket through the app. Then I called. Turns out, they do cover locksmith services. Last time I locked my keys in my car (about 11 years ago), it cost me $50-75 for a locksmith. This time, all it did was set me back an hour. As much as Geico's commercials annoy me, I'm glad they have my back covered. That's a wonderful feeling.

In any case, Resurrection Day is not about the Churchianity claims that "coming to Christ" will make your life easier. He in fact teaches that you will face some intense challenges, in fact, painful persecution in many cases by following Him. So when I hit challenges like today, and the challenges I'm not going to talk about right now, they don't make me question my faith. They confirm it.

Last thing. I've heard the song "In Christ Alone". I never really cared that much for it, UNTIL I came across Owl City's version. I'll leave you with that. Happy Resurrection Day. As the song goes: "Till He returns, or calls me home, here in the power of Christ I'll stand".

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