Thursday, June 13, 2013

A "Christian" Woman's 33 Point Checklist For A Mate

I came across this yesterday. This woman is supposedly a Christian, and has a 33 point checklist for standards her future husband will have to meet. The commentary provided in that link shows that many of them are contradictory (wants a husband who follows Christ but puts her first. Also who treats her like a princess).

According to the series of links to the post, the blog it originated from has been set to private, so there is no available source material.

From what I can tell, this woman did not indicate what her "33 point Christian man" will get in return for meeting (and continuously living up to) her 33 points of criteria. I guess he'll get her special little snowflake princess self. Good for him. Winning!

I certainly wouldn't want to win that prize. I'm already being divorced by a woman who had a set of standards that are impossible to live up to.

I'm not going to bother to put together much of a list of what I'm "looking for" in a second wife, but I do have a very long list of things I'm not putting up with again.

As a Christian, I plead with you to separate the truth claims of Christianity from the bratty and assholish behavior some Christians exhibit. A really bad example I can give you is not to judge the quality of BMW by the assholes who drive them and tailgate you.

As for the woman who wrote this, chances are good all of her standards will go out the window the moment the right "bad boy" comes along. Women are masters at solipsism and rationalization.
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