Sunday, June 09, 2013

Worthless Degree Awareness Month 3: Feelings

A female Environmental Engineering student wrote to Vox Day. Vox answered.

My favorite part:

Now I'm going to teach you a hard, but very important lesson.  You see, I don't care you how feel.  I really don't.  More importantly, neither does anyone else.  Only about 200 people on a planet of 7 billion actually care about your feelings, and that's if you're lucky.  The sooner you grasp this lesson, the better off you will be.  And since almost no one gives a damn what you do, say, think, or feel, appealing to your feelings when you encounter differences of opinion is not only illogical, but useless.

Feelings are tyrannical. Not only are they tyrannical to the person ruled by them, they are tyrannical to everybody the person ruled by feelings can inflict those feelings upon. Bravo, Vox. This is the approach we need to take. "You make me FEEL bad". "I don't give a ____".

I believe feelings are there for a reason. But they are not to rule us. The mark of a mature adult is to be able to take the feelings and view them against reality. "I feel that nobody likes me". Is that accurate? Or is it just late on Friday night and you have no plans?

My soon to be ex is ruled by feelings that exerted tyranny over me. She said "The moment I decided to divorce you, I felt a sense of peace and knew it was the right thing to do". I'm not trying to pick on my ex, but this is a good example. Let's try that in another context:

"I know tax evasion is wrong, but the moment I decided to do it, I felt a sense of peace and knew it was the right thing to do". It doesn't work, does it?

By the way, Environmental Engineering is a worthless degree. Jobs in those fields usually go to Mechanical and Electrical Engineers.

There probably wouldn't be worthless degrees if people's feelings couldn't be so easily manipulated.

Buy Worthless. It could save you money and years of heartache and broken dreams. Plus, it's a darn good read.

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