Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Book Review: As I Walk These Broken Roads by Davis M.J. Aurini

"As I Walk These Broken Roads" is a good post apocalyptic thriller. Not perfect, but it's an entertaining story mixed with philosophy. I believe Aurini is working on at least another book to follow this one.

I'm not sure what Aurini considers himself. I consider him a philosopher. I enjoy watching his epic YouTube videos exploring culture, history, and philosophy. Aurini is very well read and has a keen mind. I'd enjoy the chance to have a few beers or spirits with him.

One comment I'll make about this story, and balance this with the fact that I doubt I could do better, is that there's not much character development. The two main characters come to grips with their past and with how they broke from their respective communities to become "free thinkers".

As for philosophy, Aurini briefly explores an aspect of post apocalyptic stories that I have noticed but never actually seen voiced: after the apocalypse  people seem to stop developing tech. Mechanics and technicians arise who can somewhat hold the old tech together, but nobody develops new tech. Nobody bothers to learn construction methods. They just live in buildings that survive, or put rubble together into something livable. I wanted to consider this satire, but whatever it was meant to be, it's an interesting philosophical insight into this genre of story.

"As I Walk These Broken Roads" is a post-apocalyptic thriller written at some indeterminate point following a nuclear war. It appears to take place in Canada, so American readers beware that it uses Canadian measures such as kilometers. It begins with a man named Wentworth making his way into a town. He meets up with a mechanic, Raxx. The rest of the story is their adventures bonding, exploring philosophy, coming to terms with their past, kicking the asses of evildoers through superior tactics and firepower, and exploring the remains of post nuclear Canada.

I thought it was a good read. I'll be watching for the next installment. I'm more than happy to support an independent blogger/writer who produces a lot of content that improves my mind for free.

You can buy it here.
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