Saturday, June 01, 2013

Captain Capitalism- Worthless Degree Awareness Month

Aaron Cleary is declaring June "Worthless Degree Awareness Month".

It may sound funny, but it really is no laughing matter.  The single worst thing we do to our young kids is cripple them financially for the rest of their lives by telling them to waste 4-8 years of their youth and anywhere between $50,000-$150,000 on worthless degrees.  It's on par with the housing bubble and this time it is without own control to stop it.
I concur. I'm on record for what I think about the majority of "raising awareness" campaigns, most of which apparently are made up by people with worthless degrees.

By his book, Worthless, for the details.

My review of Worthless is here.

As best as I can in between school, work, my soon to be ex-wife's impending divorce (I don't consider it my divorce because I didn't want it but I still have to pay for all of it) and trying to start a new life, I will be participating in Worthless Degree Awareness Month.

However, since I do not have a worthless degree or the mentality of somebody with a worthless degree, I will quantify what I am seeking to raise awareness of.

1) Your parents probably love you, but also are probably just parroting things they hear from friends and media and popular culture.

2) Of course the college recruiter is going to tell you a degree in such and such worthless field will make you money somehow.

3) You're damn right IT IS ABOUT THE MONEY. And yes, you can put a price and a value on an education. Aaron Cleary covers this in Worthless. Buy it. The $5 could save you tens of thousands of dollars in heartache and broken dreams.

4) College isn't for everybody. Especially right at 18 years old. It's your life. Don't be afraid to take some time to figure out who you are first, before you commit. One size does not fit all. I wasn't ready for college at 18. I went in the Navy, then progressed through some technician and engineering jobs, then went and got my degree in my 30's.

5) There are TONS of free sources for the same material you would pay a college to teach you worthless subjects. I know people with Master's degrees that use Khan Academy, MIT, and iTunes University.

More to come as it becomes available. Buy Worthless, from my affiliate link. 
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