Friday, June 28, 2013

Fox Misses The Point (Big Surprise)

There's a woman a lot of manosphere bloggers link to that goes by Dr. Helen. She recently wrote a book called "Men On Strike".

Fox covered it. At least, they mentioned it, and babbled on and on like typical cable news airheads.

One of them appeared to have at least read the book. At least, she had a quote from it.

Another had a clip from The Godfather, placing the intelligence of the segment somewhere below a post on Facebook.

I haven't read Dr. Helen's book, so I can't comment intelligently on it. I guess I may have to buy it.

Listening to the Fox anchors reminded my why I don't bother to watch television news.

One of the anchors, who probably didn't read the book, said: "Oh, you need to man up!" Rather than reading the book, just "man up".

See the problem is, most men want to man up. But the selection of women we have to choose from is very limited. It's very hard to come across a "nice" girl. It takes tons of effort and money and being shot down and sneered at just to get a single date. Then you can be flaked on, where she just doesn't show up, or doesn't return your calls. So there's no guarantee of a payoff. No reward. It's a Sisyphean task. When I read books and blog posts by guys like Roosh who talk about the hours and hours and probably hundreds of dollars they have to spend in bars and clubs just to get one girl into bed, I want to weep. Forget that.

That's just to get them into bed, which appears easier than the traditional route of trying to find one for a long term relationship/marriage.

Even if you do end up married and having children like I did, she can opt for the exit at any point. "I want a divorce". What about counseling? "No, I want a divorce". Just like that. She doesn't even need a reason. She just needs to want a divorce. Oh, and you have to pay for it. My ex-wife's uncontested divorce in New Jersey cost me $15,000. It would have been over $50,000 if we'd each had a lawyer. I consider it her divorce because I wanted to go to counseling and make it work.

This is why men are going "On strike". It's not because we want to look at pr0n and play video games all day (I don't even play video games). But hell, trying to find a decent woman is hard freaking work with practically no payoff. And a divorce guarantees the crippling of your economic viability, since close to or more than half of your paycheck now goes to her and the children. She even claims in NJ, she has a "right" to 65% of my income. That wouldn't give me enough to live on. I think I'd rather quit my job at that point, because there's no sense in working for nothing. Then I'd go to jail. Or I could flee the country, and never see my children again. No matter how you look at it, I lose just because of one cold hearted woman and a system that is set up against me. I "manned up". Look where it got me. So blow me, Fox News.

Aaron Clarey wrote a blog post a while back about pr0n economics. In it, he says that from an economic standpoint, women have priced themselves out of the market, forcing men to seek what in economic terms are called "substitute goods". If you want an apple but the grocery store is out of apples, you have the option to choose a substitute good such as an orange or peach.

So if you want a sweet, feminine woman, and your local society is out of them, then you go for a substitute good such as pr0n or a mail order bride. I'm becoming more convinced that western women are mostly a lost cause. Many are overweight, ill tempered, impatient, masculine, demanding, spoiled rotten, impossible to please, and a lot of other negative traits. And trying to find one that isn't is very hard work. Hard pretty much past the point of diminishing returns.

I'm pretty sure western civilization is in a period of decline. I don't believe it will come back. It will reconstitute at some point, but what we know is over. The best thing you can do is buy Aaron Clarey's "Enjoy The Decline" and follow the program:

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