Thursday, July 04, 2013

Thank You, Captain Obvious: Andy Andrews on How To Move Forward After Divorce

I'll admit right up front that some of my own anger and frustrations are probably coloring my view of material like this.

I don't know if it's from my own extensive study, but the majority of mainstream ministry is not helpful to me in my own divorce. I was browsing my RSS feeds this morning and came across a post by Andy Andrews. I loved his "The Noticer" and "The Final Summit", so I started watching his video:

I only got about halfway through before my eye rolling started to become a serious threat to my health. It's not out of disrespect to Andy Andrews. It's just that what he is saying is so obvious, I feel sorry for any adult who lacks the intellectual maturity to need to seek this kind of softball material out. It makes me think of this guy:

Heck if it's that easy to write and record softball material for people struggling through life challenges like a divorce and short sale of a house, maybe I should cash in on the racket.

At the risk of babbling, I don't want to disrespect Andy Andrews. Outside of his books, I find most of his blog posts and videos on this level. I'm sure he's helping a lot of people. I hope so.

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