Wednesday, July 31, 2013

What Passes For News

I usually get to work early. A coworker comes in a little later. Sometimes he goes to grab food, so I walk down to the food court for a good bullshit session or to compare notes about what's going on.

Today we sat down on the end of the food court at work where the TVs are. They had Faux (Fox) News on instead of MSNBC or CNN.

Fox and Friends had on that blond girl from iCarly. She has a new show, I think about two babysitters who live together. The clip they showed of is was some of the *cough* most poignant, hard hitting dialog I've ever seen. *cough*.

We start wondering aloud how this is news in any sense. Then they showed that this starlette has a crusade to try to get kids (children) to enjoy vegetables.

At this point, I lost all sense of other people trying to watch this hard hitting reporting.

I told my coworker "No shit! This is some of the greatest news ever! Nobody has ever tried to teach children to enjoy vegetables before in the history of... history! I'm so glad we came to the food court to share this momentous occasion!"

And this is why I pay no attention to the "mainstream" news. While they're babbling on and on about royal babies or Zimmerman trials or iCarly starlettes trying to teach children to enjoy vegetables, what are they NOT telling you?

And I have nothing against iCarly starlettes. My comments have more to do with Faux News than Nickelodeon actresses.
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