Tuesday, August 13, 2013

But I Can't Imagine A World Where The Government Doesn't...

The more I study politics, economics, history, and philosophy, the more I move toward the libertarian end of the spectrum, and from there to the anarchist side.

Most people don't. It seems as if the larger the government gets, the more they come to believe in the need for it. Larken Rose says "Government is the god people actually believe in."

Usually, one of the first things out of people's mouths when I mention libertarianism is "But who will build the roads?" Usually, what this means is, "I can't imagine a world in which we don't have a large government to give us the things we're used to."

In which case, if this is you, have you ever stopped to wonder if the problem is you? Or your imagination, to be more specific? Have you ever actually looked into ways we could exist without an ever expanding government?

I have. You can start with Robert Murphy's "Chaos Theory". It is possible, whether most people would ever consider it or not.

I'm starting to think I'd rather live free without roads than live under slavery with them.
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