Friday, August 16, 2013

Foodstamp Surfer Dude

I've noticed a lot of people are up in arms over a Fox News story about some California surfer who doesn't work, buys lobster on his food stamp card, and hangs out and screws hot chicks (Hat Tip to South Park).

I haven't watched the video yet. And as a productive taxpayer who is forced to support two households thanks to easy no-fault divorce laws, I'm not as mad as most of you are.

Why does everyone always act so surprised when they see "stories" like this? The thing on my mind is, how did you NOT see this coming, and of course, where do I sign up?

This is the whole point to "Going Galt". This guy is simply gaming on a system that is set up to encourage parasitism. Who can blame him? This is pretty much part of what Aaron Clarey urges you to do in "Enjoy the Decline". Why should I slave away in a cubicle to support a parasite like this? Why not be one? If the system is going to punish me for productivity, then screw it. I might as well stop playing. This system depends on people like me working hard, advancing in our careers, and paying lots of taxes as we advance into the ever increasing stratosphere of the progressive income tax pyramid.

For what? The pool of people like me is rapidly decreasing.

Sooner or later, the bill will come due for the system that encourages people like the Foodstamp Surfer. And by then, people like me will have found a way to join him. Without a productive class, sooner or later, the government will not be able to borrow from China or print more money to cover the parasite class. Then things will collapse.

And I'm not mad at Foodstamp Surfer. I see his game. He was smart. I'm mad at the system, and the non-math doing bleeding hearts who created and perpetuate it. I'm mad at the politicians who keep expanding it because free votes. I'm mad at the voters who have voted in a system where the majority has the most to gain at other's expense, instead of suffrage where the voters should be the ones who have the most to lose at other's expense.

Enjoy the decline!

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