Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Empowered Single Mom Works Hard To Be The Woman She Would Want To Date

No, that's not exactly what it says. It's how I read it.

I figure there are two ways to respond to the world. You can either get upset and spend your life pissed off that the world doesn't operate the way you think it should.

Or you can figure out how the world really works, and learn to interact with it and manipulate it on its own terms.

So like a lot of women, this one has children, has a "great career", and wonders why no man wants to date her for long.

Let me attempt my answer, because it's the same reason I could never get a date and settled for my ex-wife:

People don't want to date a specification..

They want to date a compatible personality. Preferably one with an attractive body attached.

So to all the ladies out there, since my divorce is almost final (she told me I was free to date again back in May, but I haven't been), here are my two cents:

I don't care if you have a great career. I don't care if you have a good job, own a house, have children, etc. None of that bullshit is on my "what I'm looking for in a woman" checklist.

Are you sweet? Are you kind? Do you smile? Can you cook? Do you like at least a few of the things I do? Do you like to read? Can we sit and talk about philosophy once in a while? Obviously, do you enjoy sex? Are you a not pain in the ass about it? Can we joke around? Do you need me? Do you enjoy being close? Do you like wine and cheese? Do you like beer? Do you like to ride on a motorcycle? Have you ever been SCUBA diving? Would you go with me? Will you get along with my friends? Are you usually pleasant? Are you easy going? I know you get periods, but does it turn you into a demon? Do you have at least a little emotional maturity or do we have to play stupid passive-aggressive games every time you "feel" upset?

Those are the kind of questions I ask. Believe me, if you have more yes answers to those questions (I know, at least two should be no answers), I don't care about your career. It's not a big deal. I've already got one.

And yes, most men, if they want children, would prefer their own children. But if you're sweet and kind to us, we might be more open to those you already have. But, you have to be willing to put us on a higher priority. I can't tell you how many women's dating profiles I've read that say "You'll never be more important than my children!" I just click past. And if a profile says "You'll never be more important than my dogs!" I laugh and click past. Because I truly pity you. Some dog ladies seem to be far worse than crazy cat ladies. I think cats got the short end of the stick on that one.

And as for women with "great careers", look at it from our point of view. We already have jobs. We already have bad days at jobs. We don't want to come home from a bad day at our job, listen to you complain about the bad day you had at your job, and refuse any of our advice to fix it.

I don't know why women are so brainwashed to think working in a corporate cubicle environment is such a great thing. It sucks. Most men, if we didn't have families to support, would not work in those environments. But women think it's such a great thing "Oh, I'm such a modern girl! I work for an oversized-soul crushing mega corporation or government agency, in a cubicle, doing work that mostly amounts to moving a pile of sand around to different spots each day! Yea! Look at me, the pinnacle of female power!"

Enjoy your dogs. And enjoy the decline.
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