Monday, September 16, 2013

Life Goes On

This could be a rambling, self-reflective blog post, but I have a point to it.

Today, the Washington Navy Yard was shot up. I believe the last CONFIRMED report I saw said 12 dead. There were a lot of unconfirmed reports. MSNBC, while the thing was still going on, reported an AR-15 "assault rifle" being involved. I commented this was like that South Park episode where they destroyed the beaver dam: "Well, we're reporting cannibalism." "Is that what's going on?" "No, but that's what we're reporting". MSNBC learned from the best: Trey Parker and Matt Stone. Just make the gun up. Who cares? It's news.

I'm glad to know at least one person I know who works at the Navy yard is OK. At least, he was as of this morning when I saw his Facebook status. I'd forgotten somebody else I know there; one of my soon to be ex-wife's cousins with her husband and new baby. Felt bad when I recalled that. I hope they're OK.

This got a little crazy/interesting. This was in my community. I don't work too far from the Navy Yard. It's a couple metro stops (with a change in lines) from where I work. And yet, while all this was going on, I had some important deliverables due, two of which were overdue from Friday. I had meetings to be on, and stuff that HAD TO GET DONE TODAY! because it went outside my organization.

Plus there's something I'm working in my personal life that's interesting, and good, but I'm not eager to discuss yet.

And I haven't slept well in several nights for various reasons, which are adding up.

So while all this is going on, I'm trying to get work done, deal with the good thing in my personal life, try to keep up with what's going on at the Navy Yard, and of course, trying to deal with all the maternal fornicators who don't live here yet are screaming about "gun control".

I have to speak to you for a moment. Don't you idiots realize that Washington D.C. has some of the strictest "gun control" laws in the nation?

And that's where I want to rant, because I got a lot of head  nods today from various people I came across with a variation of what I'm about to write.

Twice this summer, I had to take training in Sexual Assault Prevention, despite the fact that I have a 21 year career record of not committing sexual assaults.

My theory is, according to the secular theology, I guess the reason why man is fallen and still behaves imperfectly is because we don't have enough training, we don't have enough laws; we don't have enough PSAs. If only we had enough "The More You Know" spots on NBC, if only we had strong enough laws. Yes, people still text and drive because it's not illegal ENOUGH. People still commit murder because we just don't have enough laws. If we only had enough laws, there would be no more murder; there would be no more texting and driving; there would be no more bank embezzlement; there would be no more tax cheating. Man would finally achieve perfection if only we had enough laws and annual corporate training.

Yeah, that'll happen.

In any case, life is fleeting. I wasn't very far from the Navy yard, and I work in a place that has seen enough tragedy. I don't expect to get out of life alive. Stuff happens. We live in an imperfect world, where a lot of things go wrong.

Cling to family. Cling to friends. Cling to those few things that give you comfort. Laws won't save us. Getting rid of guns won't fix the problem of people killing each other. Cain killed Abel long before we had gunpowder. He probably didn't even have a sword. He probably used his bare hands. You really think chopping all our hands off will stop murder? Maybe you do. I haven't figured out the leftist mind yet.

As far as I know, everybody I knew at the Navy yard made it home. But a lot of others didn't. There are no guarantees in life. Laws won't give you more. I'd rather have a fighting chance than more laws restricting what I can and can't do.

That's enough rambling for tonight.
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