Thursday, September 26, 2013

Why I Carry No Christian Markings Or Outward Identification

I had to run an errand earlier. That forced me to come home down a road I normally travel in heavy traffic. I realized I needed to get over, so I put on my turn signal like a good driver. The minivan in the left lane immediately sped up to prevent me from getting over. Bastard. I start to slow down to get behind the asshole. Then the red Ford Exploder behind the minivan speeds up. Now I'm coming up to a turn and starting to fear I won't be able to get in my lane, and I'll have to drive another 5 miles until there's another turn around. I'm also afraid I'm back in New Jersey, where this kind of shit is par for the course because the average New Jersey driver is an asshole. Virginians are usually better than that. I flipped both of them off. They deserved it.

But it gets better. The red Exploder that was so determined not to let me over gets in front of me and changes lanes to go through that light. That leaves me in the left turn lane I need to be, behind the minivan that was determined not to let me change lanes in front of it. And what was on the back of the minivan? Two icthys. As a Christian, I am familiar with the symbology. It was a sign the early church used to identify themselves to each other, especially amongst Roman persecution and threat of death.

Now it's a symbol pretentious churchians throw about like those stupid "Baby on board" signs from the 90's.

I prefer to live by "If you want to know a man's religion, you don't ask him. You observe him". Words mean different things to different people. A lot of people out there have a very negative image of what a Christian is. I don't want their preconceived image (that does not reflect me at all) to be the image they have of me right off the bat. So I generally just keep my mouth shut. That and my momentary lapses in judgement don't reflect badly on everybody else.
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