Saturday, October 26, 2013

Equality Is An Anchor

I once heard about the concept of resolution as it applies to astronomy. Let's say you have a telescope. You gaze upon "the heavens" and you see- a star.

Now let's say you move your telescope somewhere else. Another point on the Earth. You gaze upon the heavens where your star is, and you see that instead of one star, it is actually two stars. Another vantage point has given you greater resolution over that quadrant of space.

When we deal with concepts in real life, we often don't use resolution. This causes us to equivocate. Any more, I grimace like a dog exposed to a high pitched noise when I hear people equivocate on health care and health insurance. I don't know if they're stupid, ignorant, or just parroting what everybody else says without thought. They call "Obamacare" "socialized medicine". No, it is fascist health insurance. It has nothing to do with medicine or health care. It is insurance. But I digress because that's not what I started this blog post to talk about.

I don't see much resolution when it comes to equality, especially among the left. But then, I don't expect it from them. They seem to live and die based on feelings. This blog post would probably not make them "feel" good (if they actually read it) so I'll get attacked as a hater. That's just projection. They get a feeling they interpret as hate and project it back onto me, assuming I must feel the same thing, then accuse me of it.

So lets get to equality. And why it becomes an anchor.

The Declaration of Independence says "...all men are created equal". But do all men (yes, ladies, you're in there too) stay equal?

I don't think so. Let me explain.

We are (or at least should be) equal in the eyes of the law. We should all have equal standing in that regard.

But lets say you and I both go up for a job interview for an IT Project Manager. I have a degree in IT, a graduate certificate in IT Project Management, and of course all my years of experience. You have an art degree and 20 years experience as a barista. Are we equal in this context?

I hate question talkers, but I'll answer for you. No, we are not. Nor should we be.

Now lets say you're a surgeon. We both interview for position as head of a surgery center. Are we equal? Again, I hate question talkers, but probably not.

Lets say you've founded 16 startups (and a few of them actually went on to become something like Twitter or You and I go up before a venture capitalist to get money to launch another start up. Which of us gets it? (Every "business" venture I've ever tried failed. But that's mostly network marketing and some Ebay scam I got sucked into in 2003).

The problem is when leftists speak of equality without any resolution or definition of terms, what they're doing is dragging you down. Maybe you worked hard, got a STEM degree, and busted your ass over 20 years to making 6 figures. They coasted through college, got a philosophy degree, and can't get a job at Starbucks. But they want to be equal to you. That's going to result in dragging you down to their level. All that hard work, for nothing. Even if they talk about being pulled up to your level, since it cheapens everything you've done, it's really dragging you down. It's decreasing the value of everything you've ever done.

I want equal standing in the eyes of the law. I want equal opportunites at least at the starting line. But outside of that, I do not want to be "equal" to anybody. I want to live my life and take the merits and demerits I've earned like a man.
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