Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Slow Mind; Slow Body

I've been noticing something lately. I seem to be coming across a few people who not only move slow; but it almost seems like their bodies could move faster than their minds but their minds are holding them back.

I stopped at a McDonald's today for breakfast. It took the Guinness record for the longest it's ever taken me to get a cup of coffee and a McGriddle. It was really long. The thing is, the girls working there didn't seem to have a bad attitude. Then genuinely seemed to care about doing a decent job and doing it right. They just couldn't move very fast. They couldn't seem to think more than a step or two ahead.

I watched how long it took to put a cup of coffee together. A cup of coffee requires a styrofoam cup, a plastic lid, cream, sugar, coffee, and something to stir it with. This took them forever to get through. They did it right though; but it took a long time.

Likewise, the only indication they had to put more hashbrowns down was that an order was waiting for them. They couldn't plan ahead and have them ready like I used to when I worked at McDonald's.

But again, they were pleasant, and seemed to care about doing a good job. And the last thing I want to do is take that away from them. I've been to McDonalds' where the employees did not give a crap. This wasn't like that at all (it took as long though).

I've seen other cases where the body moved as slow as the mind. I was at Ryan's for a lunch buffet on Columbus Day. The woman taking my money had her mouth open and tongue hanging out and again, couldn't seem to think more than one step ahead of where she was at in time.

I firmly believe that keeping the mind sharp will come through in the body.

If you want to keep your mind sharp, you have to exercise it. You have to use it. Like a muscle, you have to flex it and build it.

Read or learn- I'm not old fashioned enough to think that reading is the only way to flex. It's good, but not the only way. Watch some History Channel (H2, H1 is mostly Ancient Aliens and Pawn stuff) or other shows that you learn from. Challenge them. Think about them. Look things up you're not familiar with. Don't just leave your brain in neutral and watch Big Bang Theory or similar shows.

Puzzles- take your pick. I can't stand crosswords. But I like things that make my brain work. Try philosophy, or economics. Try to pick out the fallacies in politicians' words. Remember; they're probably no smarter than you are. Maybe even less in some cases.

Nutrition- eat things that help your brain. You need healthy fats. That stupid F***ing slogan "Fat makes you fat" is one of the dumbest things to ever come out of people with an ostensible science background. Eat things that energize you; not things that make you sluggish.

Anything, just do it- seriously, if it works, and keeps your mind sharp, then run with it. There is no "one size fits all". I might get a lot of brain exercise reading Aaron Cleary and watching Air Crash Investigations. You might not. Fine. Just find something and go with it.
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