Thursday, October 17, 2013

Infowars Caught Being Reactionary and Incorrect

I know, the headline is as obvious as one about me caught with a glass of cold beer.

I saw something on Facebook the other day about Chase stopping international wire transfers. I've been occupied with some other things, and I don't have any Chase accounts or money (much less money to wire overseas), so I ignored it. I saw it both in Alex Jones' and one of his writer's feeds.

John T Reed, a journalist and expert in these matters, looked into it. He found that Infowars was wrong.

The issue had to do with levels of accounts. Chase went from a "one size fits all" account to small business and large business. The small business accounts don't have the ability to wire money overseas, but have smaller minimum balances. The larger business accounts have a higher minimum balance and the ability to wire money overseas.

I used to listen to Alex Jones. I stopped about a year ago. Mostly it had to do with time. His 3-4 hour podcast was a huge commitment. Plus, he had a buttload of commercials that had to be skipped. Also, as a radio show, it seemed like he wasted so much time just restating himself after every single commercial break. I don't have anything against Alex Jones other than his reliability. There are some amusing YouTube videos about failed Alex Jones predictions. In July 2010, I was listening to him on a drive from New Jersey to Virginia for a job interview. That day, he was predicting an imminent war between Israel and either Syria or Iran within two weeks. We're still waiting.
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