Sunday, October 20, 2013

How "Real" People Will Use Windows 8

Yeah, I know. I have an IT degree and eat this stuff for lunch. I don't mind Windows 8. I actually prefer it over 7 and before.

Chris Pirillo got his dad on camera trying to figure out Windows 8:

Here's the deal. If you find yourself using Windows 8 and don't know what to do, open Internet Explorer, type "" in the address bar, and search for "How the F do I do (function) in Windows 8". Leave the F out. That might take you places you don't want to be walked in on. But it's really that easy.

When I first upgraded, one of my first Google searches was "how do I shut down Windows 8". I had the answer in seconds. Then I needed to know how to get in to "Programs and Features". Recently, I was helping a friend with Windows 8, and Google came to my rescue again.

The amazing thing is, doing a simple Google search will make everybody else think you're really smart. Because nobody else will do it. Sometimes the appearance of a 250 IQ is the willingness to do a simple search for information while everybody else is pulling their hair out and screaming "We're all gonna die!"

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