Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The iPad Is Falling Behind

I wonder if Apple will catch iOS 8 up to some of the other tablets next year. That's one of the things that sucks about Apple. You get one massive update each year, followed by 2-3 "bug fix" updates, then nothing but silence until next September.

Let me explain why the iPad is falling behind, although I'm sure I don't have to for most of you.

Example (iPad) : I was going through my mail this morning. I had another follower on Google +. I usually add everybody who follows me. I have a list for people who followed me on G+ that I don't know. So I click the link, which opens Safari (naturally). Safari presents me with G+'s page asking if I'd like to install the app (it is installed, but I can't open an app from an email link on the iPad). I say "No, take me to the mobile site". From there I have to log in. My Google password has gotten so complex I can't even memorize it anymore, so I have to bring up Lastpass and copy and paste it. Then I can add the person.

Example (Android, Windows 8 RT, Windows 8 Pro, anything but iOS): I open the email and discover I have a new follower on Google +. I click the link, which automatically opens the G+ app from which I can add the person to my list. Windows 8 might not open the app, but it will open the site in a full browser (not a mobile browser) from which you can continue without extra steps.

The iPad is falling behind. Doing almost anything on the iPad now seems to take too many steps. Everything from email pretty much opens in Safari. You can't change the default browser or the default application for anything. You get one: Safari. Now when you're dealing with files, you can choose but you can't exactly set a default.

I'm thinking a Windows 8 Pro tablet will suit me best next time around. I'm already using my Galaxy S3 to do most of my mobile work. Mostly, I use the iPad when I have a bunch of reading to do and I know my Galaxy S3's battery can't cope.

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