Monday, December 02, 2013

Book Review: Boris the Shitting Buffalo by Aaron Cleary

I was buying a few small things from Amazon one day, and for some reason they wouldn't ship one of them unless the order was over $25. I've read just about all of Cleary's other work, so I bought Boris to push the order above the threshold so it would ship.

Cleary once knew a Russian ballet dancer who could command almost the entire English language but the word "shit". She didn't understand it. So he wrote her a poem with crudely drawn images about a Russian buffalo who came to America to help her understand the word "shit". She flaked on him when he was going to give it to her for her 30th birthday, so a few years later he dusted it off. worked with an artist, and produced it as a product.

There's not much to say about the plot. A Russian buffalo comes to America, specifically to the Badlands of South Dakota (Cleary's favorite place), and shits everywhere. Shit at day, at night, in snow, in Spring, etc.

The book is kind of cute though. It's designed to be a coffee table book. I'm sure if you leave it sitting out on the coffee table, it will generate a LOT of conversation.

There is a Kindle version and a paperback version. Paperback is currently $7.48. You can buy it from my Amazon affiliate account.

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