Sunday, December 01, 2013

We're probably reaching or soon will be at a tipping point where there will be fewer people contributing to the taxes that fund the programs that allow other people to not have to work to pay taxes.

Aaron works the math:

But I did some very quick math.  Since the socialists and government has driven him to go Galt, what would he have contributed to society had he not been deterred?
Well, he would presumably work another 30 years until he was 70.  Pro-rate it at $50,000 per year and a 40% tax rate, that's $600,000 that will NOT be going to welfare bums, whiners, complainers and other general parasites on society.
Now imagine if you will the 75 million male workers in America just saying, "to hell with it, I'm done.  It's minimalism for me."
If they did that it would cost the government/parasitic classes $45 trillion.
What is going to happen when this tipping point is reached? It won't be pretty.

This is what "Going Galt" is all about. In Atlas Shrugged, John Galt and his merry men all stopped working at their full capacity. Sure, they lived in "Galt's Gulch", but many such as Galt just took common laborer jobs. They were not working at full capacity. They were not selling the product of their minds. And obviously, they were not producing taxes and goods that the government could then confiscate. And as more and more people went Galt, the government with its vast need to leech off their capacity found itself in great trouble.

But when the government finally captured Galt, and offered him power (within of course their bounds; they wouldn't give him power to do anything they disapproved of) he told them what they should do. Relax the taxes and regulations that created this crisis. Let productive men produce without your hindrance. Their response was along the lines of "Oh, we can't do that. We're in a crisis. We need those taxes and regulations."

Let's say Obamacare collapses the health care system (because Obamacare is health INSURANCE, but everybody thinks it's somehow related to health CARE). What do you think their response would be? I think it will be the same thing Ayn Rand put in the mouth of her bureaucrats. "We can't do that! We're in a crisis. We need these regulations and fees and taxes and penalties."

So you might as well, to the best of your ability, go Galt and check out.

Who ever told his guidance counselor in high school "I want to work really hard so I can be taxed out the ass to pay for things for other people who may or may not and probably don't deserve it"?

You keep hearing liberals scream about how the "rich" need to pay "their fair share". They never really define what the fair share is and of what.

The thing they don't tell you is, we pay an INCOME TAX. I cannot get this through the heads of some liberals I've known. It is a tax on your INCOME, which rises progressively with your income. The more you earn, the more you pay (although you reach a point where you're among the elite who get tax breaks). Truly wealthy people like Warren Buffet don't have much INCOME. They have multiple revenue streams from their various investments, most of with are taxed at lower rates because this isn't INCOME the way you and I drag our asses to a single job and get paid by the hour, week, or whatever increment.

This is why there was all that excitement over Mitt Romney and Warren Buffet paying a 15% tax. It's because they don't have W-2 jobs like we do. Their money comes from their investments and various other sources.

I find it ironic that people in the highest income brackets seem to scream the loudest about forcing the "rich" to pay more. The way the taxes work out, they hit the higher income brackets, i.e. the whiners. And you can't get this through to them. Because in the same way they don't see a difference between health insurance and health care, they can't tell the difference between income and wealth already accumulated.

Then there's the jealousy factor. I seem to be incapable of understanding how people can spend so much time obsessing over the fact that somebody else in the world has something they don't. I've always been happy that other people can accumulate wealth, because it means I can too. (Yes, for the leftists, I know some of them, a small portion, anyway, do corrupt things. I fully support them being charged with crimes through the normal justice process, but the big government politicians you keep electing let these corrupt people off the hook.)

When you look at all of this, you might as well join Danny, go Galt, and enjoy the decline.
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