Saturday, March 01, 2014

20 Hours of Kennedy Assassination Content

Back in November, the 50 year anniversary of President John F. Kennedy's assassination took place. A lot of the independent media I listen to produced special episodes and investigative reports.

By far my favorite, and the most intense, is Richard Grove's Peace Revolution podcast episode 80. It consists of almost 20 hours of artifacts related to the Kennedy assassination. I finally got through it all yesterday.

Did you know the term "Conspiracy Theorist" came out of the aftermath of the Kennedy Assassination? It was an ad hominem attack or smokescreen used to discredit anyone who questioned the official story.

My favorite inconsistency from the Kennedy Assassination? OK, the President had just been assassinated. A Dallas cop was shot. Yet somehow, 20 police officers had the time to show up at a movie theater over a complaint that somebody didn't buy a ticket (Oswald).

Like Richard Grove in his monologue in the podcast, I'm not taking a stance in this blog post. I merely note that Kennedy was assassinated, there are holes in the story, and the artifacts included in that podcast (as well as many others) exist. I invite you to check them out with a critical mind.
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