Saturday, March 01, 2014

Where Have I Heard That Before?

I stumbled across an NYT Tech article about the Windows Phone. There's nothing of consequence

This month, Charles Arthur, of the British newspaper The Guardian, published a persuasive column calling on Microsoft to throw out Windows Phone and instead create a custom — or forked — version of Android, much like Amazon has done for its Kindle Fire tablets. Microsoft’s forked Android might carry the look and feel of the current Windows Phone, but it would be optimized for Bing, Outlook, OneDrive and other Microsoft services, rather than Google’s. Because it would share Android’s guts, current Android developers might need to adjust only a few lines of code to let their apps run on Microsoft’s Android — almost instantly solving Microsoft’s app shortage. (Microsoft declined to comment on that possibility.)

I wonder if tech journalists just recycle content. Every time a new version of Windows comes out, I see the same article about why you don't need to upgrade to it.

In this case, I am reminded of an article I read back in the late 90's. I think Windows 98 was out by that time. The article said that Microsoft should get rid of Windows and create a Windows-like skin for Linux, then sell that.

In my case, I'm fairly happy with Windows 8.1. I recently bought a Dell Venue Pro 8. I was tired of the limitations of iOS on my iPad, such as lack of flash and lack of real multi-tasking.
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