Saturday, March 15, 2014

Book Review: The Illuminati Facts & Fiction by Mark Dice

Illuminati- use that word and people start running. Or start mocking you.

And yet, it was a historical, documented group. It left behind plenty of documentation and evidence.

But accurate information on it is hard to come by. Some people do a decent job of explaining the information, then go batshit insane on their analysis. Or they are unable to differentiate concepts, and spend the rest of the time ranting things like "The Jesuits killed Kennedy!" They begin to confuse terms and groups, and list everything as either "The Jesuits" or "The Masons". Some even refer to every possible insider scheme as "The Knights Templar" (also a historical group).

Having spent quite a bit of time researching this subject myself over the years, I found Mark Dice's book to be the best I've come across. Mark does a great job of separating out the fact from the fiction.

I bought this book and another of his, "Big Brother The Orwellian Nightmare Come True" directly from Mark Dice. He offered both books for $20 a couple years ago. He signed both. My copy of Illuminati has a few spelling errors, which he notified me of in a note that came with the books. These spelling errors are probably corrected in later editions.

The first couple sections of the book seem a little disconnected. They're a brief introduction to the book, Luciferian Doctrine, and the "mainstream media". Then he gets to the meat of the subject.

Dice organizes the book into different sections. He writes about nonfiction books on the subject, then the purported Illuminati texts, or books written by various people and organizations that make up the self-appointed elite. He covers alleged defectors and victims such as William Schnoenbelen (I've seen a video of his talk "Exposing The Illuminati From Within").

He continues with a listing and analysis of just about every topic relevant to the subject of the Illuminati, such as eyewitnesses, fiction books, documentaries, and mentions in the "mainstream media".

He also gets into unpleasant topics such as "sex magic". He covers and analyzes the kooky subjects like aliens and reptilians.

He said in one of his videos that this is more of a historical overview. His book New World Order Facts and Fiction focuses on plans and current events.
One of the problems you often run into when dealing with insiders and secret societies is that people won't listen. People who have never checked into these groups can't tell the difference between what is documented and what is bullcrap. When you mention Bohemian Grove, they immediately group you in with kooky UFO stuff and lizard reptilians.

Something that drives me nuts is the same people who post that picture to Facebook saying something like "Congressmen should wear NASCAR suits so we know who their corporate sponsors are" will immediately turn around and say "There's no such thing as conspiracies". But you just said there are.

It doesn't have to be that hard. People conspire all the time. If you and I decide to get together and beat up somebody else and take his lunch money, that by definition is a conspiracy. When a corporate lobbyist hands a Congressman a pre-written bill and money and tells him to pass it, that's a conspiracy. When electronic voting machines are hacked to guarantee the outcome of an election, that's a conspiracy. This isn't that hard.

But people who are either too lazy or too ignorant to deal with these subjects prefer the Ad Hominem fallacy of calling you a conspiracy theorist, which means: I'm just going to slap a label on you and run away so I don't have to analyze any of the facts you may have. These people don't seem to know or understand there is a difference between a fact and a theory. Perhaps you've heard of some of the more popular theories such as the theory of evolution or the theory of electronics. I got my start in life as an electronics tech. If I try to explain electronics to you and you don't get it, are you going to call me a theorist and run away feeling smug?
I don't get how people can be so cognitively dissonant about this stuff. Despite seeing evidence every day of people conspiring against each other, they can't or won't make the leap of logic that wealthy and powerful people would conspire together to maintain and/or increase their wealth and power. Even when there are actual documented works saying that they plan to.

You see this stuff on shows like Survivor and Big Brother. Hell's Kitchen and Food Network Star. You see it on the news. When people on Hell's Kitchen work together to get somebody else kicked off the show, that by definition is a conspiracy. It doesn't have to be hard.

Anyway, if this subject interests you, check out Dice's book. It's the best overview and analysis on the subject I've read.

You can buy it here.

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