Saturday, March 15, 2014

Killing Me...

This is a screenshot I captured from Turbo Tax before I finalized and filed my tax return. It blew my mind. "Filing feels good"? The hell it does. It feels good to get it over with, but nothing about the tax process "feels" good. You spend hours gathering paperwork together, adding up medical expenses and charitable contributions, check and double check in the hopes of avoiding an audit, all to hopefully GET YOUR OWN MONEY BACK.

You spend weeks waiting for financial institutions to mail you documents needed to file your taxes like mortgage interest and student loan interest. Interest income from your bank or credit union. Why do they take until 31 Jan to mail this? They have computers and databases. This information is available by Jan 2.

A tax refund is NOT "winning the lottery". It's getting your own damn money back. And you have to pay for that privilege too.

If the government stopped the whole paycheck withholding thing and sent you a bill for your taxes each year, there would be a rapid rehab of the entire system. But they're able to fool most people into thinking this is a good thing by graciously giving you back some of your own money.
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