Monday, June 30, 2014

Facebook Spying: Why Do People Act Surprised?

Leaving Facebook seems to be the latest fad. Videos like the one below are popping up. People are viewing them, then swearing to "delete my Facebook".

The question I have is, why are you acting surprised? Maybe it's just me. I've known about this for years. I assumed everyone else did too. Of course, Facebook offers you a free platform to post your rants, political memes, and favorite songs. In exchange, they data mine everything you do, including your GPS data, and advertise to you. They also can sell your photos to advertisers, who can use them for advertisements. Their Terms Of Service have stated this all along.

I'm not opposed to people leaving Facebook. I'm pretty much sick of it myself. I'd rather we all move to Google+ or Diaspora. But I hang around Facebook because that's where everybody is. People prefer it.

I don't do much with it though. I might go on once or twice a week. After I scroll through about two hours worth of posts, I give up. I might post once in a while, but usually to locked down lists.

If you chose to leave Facebook though, remember: it never forgets. I know people who supposedly deleted their profiles, but all of their previous posts are still up. Since Facebook links to everything, the songs they listen to and videos they like are still posted.

Remember, when you are getting a service for free, you're not the customer. You're the product.

And if you're just coming across information about Facebook's use of your privacy NOW, it's too late. You have already been assimilated.
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