Sunday, June 29, 2014

Maddox On Stupid Lifehacks

There are times I love being out of the loop. This is one such time.

I was scrolling through my RSS feeds and noticed a new post from Maddox.

Apparently, some of the popular lifehack sites have grown even more pointless than they were when I jumped off the train. Maddox ranted about "lifehack" videos about how to eat an apple and how to cut a cake (hold it together with a rubber band?)

Lifehacker used to be a great site. I read it every day for years. Then it sold out to Gawker. And it became irrelevant. Back when Gina Trapani ran it, Lifehacker gave out some really good tips. After she sold it, the content became about as useful as "remember to breath".

This is why tech type sites need to remain independent. Once they sell out to the "mainstream", they become mainstream.  Which makes them useless.

I still search through Lifehacker's archives from time to time when I need to know something solid. At least Gawker left those up to balance out the vapid and worthless content of the last several years.
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