Sunday, June 15, 2014

"Jinx" Is A Stupid Superstition

Traffic in Northern Virginia is horrible. A couple weeks ago, on a Tuesday, it took me two hours to drive 30 miles because of several wrecks on I-95. The next day, there were multiple wrecks in the HOV lane on the way home, so we spent some time at a dead stop. I commented to my riders that I notice accidents seem to happen in multiples. You don't get just one; you get several during your weekly commute.

Then it happened: "Don't jinx us".

I'm not convinced there is any sort of thing as a jinx; that making a statement will actually influence the universe and cause the very thing, or the opposite thing, to happen. Really. Do you think traffic would have been fine until I made a comment, then the "universe" says "We'll show him!"?
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