Saturday, July 26, 2014

Apparently, I'm A Neoreactionary

On many of the manosphere blogs I follow, I've kept hearing a term called "neoreactionary". Some of these guys consider themselves part of that movement. I once tried to read an explanation of it, but couldn't get through before giving up.

Free Northerner explains it pretty well:

The reason conservatism is wrong is not because there is anything inherently wrong with conservatism, it is because modern conservatives have not yet realized there is nothing left to conserve. They have not yet realized that they have lost. It is over, it is done.
In fact, the conservatives have been so roundly defeated that the best of them are conserving liberalism thinking it to be conservatism.(The worst of them no longer even try to conserve liberalism).

So I guess I can now consider myself part of that movement. I've never been a modern liberal (I'm more of a classical liberal- the root word actually means "book" and "free" in Latin.) I stopped thinking of myself as a conservative years ago, though I still identify with a few of them. Lately I've considered myself a libertarian/anarchist. Not an anarchist in the destructive sense, I firmly believe in the non-aggression principle, but in the sense of what the Greek words mean "an" (without) and "archy" (rulers). An anarchist in the sense I consider myself is somebody who wishes to live without rulers. I don't believe I need some slick, marketing created politician to make me feel "safe". I'm capable of leading myself.
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