Friday, July 18, 2014

Dalrock: Commitment Issues

Dalrock put up a new post about commitment issues. He analyzes some of the popular forms of women's entertainment and claims about how "sometimes you just feel like blowing up your marriage."

This kind of obsession in all forms of women’s entertainment is now so common that no one notices it.  Our denial is so strong that we overlook what the divorce data makes abundantly clear.  Women (in general) have serious issues with commitment, to a far greater degree than men (in general) do.  Were we to acknowledge this we could save millions of children the pain of growing up with their fathers expelled from the home.  Sooner or later we are bound to adjust the narrative to reflect reality.  The sooner we do so the better for all involved.  It isn’t just men and children who suffer because this pathology is openly encouraged in our culture, but women themselves.  Nurturing these obsessive and destructive fantasies is no more healthy or empowering for a woman than a flask of bourbon is to an alcoholic.

His post reflects something I wrote a year ago, where I speculated that the claim "men won't commit" is psychological projection on the part of women, who initiate the majority of divorces and broken families.

And I should add, during the final year or two of my former bad marriage, I saw the book "Eat, Pray, Love" in the house.
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