Saturday, October 04, 2014

LVMi: Sports Stadiums are Temples to Crony Capitalism

I've never been much for sports. I have tried over the years, but just cannot get myself to care. The fastest way to get me to leave a room is to start talking about a football game. It bores the crap out of me.

I've also seen over the years how professional sports rape the taxpaying fans (and non-fans, like me). Every time a team decides it needs a new stadium, they get the taxpayer to pay for it.

I remember living in San Antonio during high school. (I went to John Jay, which since became one of the first schools to force student to wear RFID tags to be tracked at all times.) Henry Cisneros was mayor at the time. He decided they needed a sports stadium. He jacked the city sales tax up to 9% as one of the efforts to pay for it. The Alamo Dome was built. I'm not sure if it's still called the Alamo Dome or if it's since been renamed after a bailed out megabank like all the rest. I could look it up, but that implies I care and I don't.

San Antonio was shot down for an NFL team halfway through construction, but they used the stadium for other events.

During my time in South Jersey, pretty much every Philly team demanded and got a new taxpayer funded stadium built for them. Then they jacked up ticket prices and banned bringing in any snacks so you have to pay their outrageous prices in the stadium. Good thing I don't go to games because I don't care about sports. I've never understood why sports fans tolerate this crap though.

LVMi has a blog post about the NFL and Crony Capitalism. I knew the NFL got all kinds of taxpayer funded benefits, but I didn't realize they were completely tax exempt.

I've also never understood why people who whine incessantly about how CEOs are way overpaid never seem to whine about the insane wealth of celebrities, politicians, sports stars, and the NFL itself. They also seem OK with the incredible wealth of people they approve of, like Warren Buffet. But if they don't like you, your wealth is wrong.
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