Friday, January 02, 2015

Jinxes and Silly Superstition

It's amazing to me how people can believe some of the silly things they say. I think most people are simply parrots who repeat what they hear from their families and society "Go to college and get any degree, and they have to pay you money". "One vote can make all the difference!" "Be a girl's friend and she'll eventually fall in love with you!"

My wife made a comment the other night that gave me some material for a rant. We were talking about when to take the Christmas tree down. I don't care. I wouldn't have a problem just leaving it up all year. She said "It's bad luck to leave the tree up past New Year's."

I went on a light hearted tirade. "God, why do bad things keep happening to me?" "Because you left the damn tree up until Jan 4, idiot! If you'd taken it down on time, you'd be having a great year."

Our lives are not governed by doing or not doing stupid things, like tapping the dashboard when you run a yellow light. "Knock on wood!"

And seriously, you people who talk about Karma, look up what it REALLY means in the Hindu religion. It's not as simple as the Christian "you reap what you sow".
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