Saturday, December 27, 2014

Aaron Cleary: Before You Become A Doctor

One of Aaron Cleary's readers sent him a write up about what it takes to become a doctor in 'murca. No wonder there are so few good doctors out there. People like me who can keep appointment times and follow up aren't going to jump through those hoops.

When I went into delayed enlistment for the Navy in 1991, the military was hurting for doctors. Had I chosen that route, they would have put me through college and med school. I wasn't interested though. And I'm still glad I chose electronics instead.

The one military choice I regret is the Army has a flight program where they make you a warrant officer and send you to flight school to fly helicopters. The reason I didn't choose that one is because, well, it's the Army, and two, the Army can't guarantee you anything. The Navy will give you an mostly-inviolable contract. The Army could decide they need cooks or grunts and send you that direction no matter what the recruiter promised. When Ralph Nader was drafted during Korea, he was already a practicing lawyer. Did the Army make use of that? Hell, no. They gave him a spatula.
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